What is ACMA ? Differ B/W ACMA & ACCA

What is ACMA ?,

Before taking any decision you must consider following significant factors.
1-ACCA (Association of Chartered certified Accountants) and ACMA (Association of Cost and Management Accountants) are Professional accountancy bodies affiliated with IFAC(International Federation of Accountants).ICMA is incorporated in Pakistan ,however it has recently extended its operation in middle east and canda.Its members are working in Pakistan as well oversees. ACCA, though a UK based organization, is working across the globe with more than 100000 members.
2-Theorticaly the scope of both organizations is different.ACMAs are prepared to work in the areas of Management and Cost accounting while ACCA is general accountancy qualification. But practically scenario is different as syllabus of the both the qualifications resembles to greater extent and their members are groomed professionally to work in wide ranging areas such as General accounting, Audit, Sectarial Practice, Treasury, Consultancy(Public Practice), Taxation, Finance and Cost Accounting etc.
3- Most of the Professional accounting bodies, all over the world, are associated through IFAC and have established working relations with each other. As a part of these relationships, Member of one accounting body can attain the membership of other, either on reciprocal basis or after qualifying certain examination. For example Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) awards full membership to members of Institute of chartered accountants of England and Wales, CA Canda, Australia and New Zeeland. In this regard ACCA has wider international acceptability than ACMA.
4-Now coming to the difference between both qualifications, ACMAs don’t enjoy as much international recognition as ACCA. Moreover, being CMA you have very limited opportunities to start public practice while ACCA have the opportunity to practice as External Auditor in many countries like UK, Middle East and Singapore.

I have tried to share general information. If you have any specific point ,you can ask with out hesitation.


Very well defferentiated ACMA v/s ACCA.
but what about MBA………………………..
i am also MBA (Local UNI) and working in Public sector organization.
now what should i do now? (i mean, i want to study more so plz let me know, after MBA, what is more beneficial field of study) .


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